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Which? Magazine takes up the Global Great Hotels scam case

July’s edition of the consumer magazine Which? features an article highlighting the plight of people scammed into investing in the Global Great Hotels (GGH) scheme. Please click the images below (and double click within to enlarge) to read the Which? article.

The Massive scam perpetrated by Global Great Hotels and enabled by the involvement of Ona Hotels properties, and a regulated financial advisor in the UK has been previously reported on the Timeshare Assistance site (read the article here), with victims being assisted by KwikChex.

The Which? story and more information published by KwikChex (read the original article on KwikChex here), reveal more about the circumstances, the identities of those involved and actions being taken. There is more information about how Onagrup, one of Spain’s biggest hotel and holiday complex management businesses were a key part of  how the scammers fooled their victims.

Chris Emmins, KwikChex CEO says –

“The Global Great Hotels scam is one of the largest and most devious fraudulent schemes we have seen since we started up in 2010. The sums paid, and the promises made are staggering, and are having life-altering effects, and we are determined to see justice prevail.”

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