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Membership Services
In addition to the assistance already being provided, a new service is being developed for owners that require additional and bespoke help. This will be a membership system offered at a low annual rate, which will include a range of benefits, including –
  •  Access to vetted legal assistance. (Laws, contracts and rules can be complex and vary all over the world and from State to State, so access to local     experts with high standards is essential).
  • Verified information resources – including ensuring that all options open to owners are provided.
  • Facilitating with timeshare businesses with owner concerns, service issues and disputes.
  • A global travel service, focused on providing deals and assistance specifically for timeshare owners.
  • Information on buying, selling, renting and exchanging timeshares.
  • Insurance services  specifically to protect owners.
  • An extraordinary networking capability with other owners – and a building of a substantial knowledge base.
  • Alerts on issues affecting owners, including changes in laws, fraud threats and safe travelling.
  • Regular news and online events for members.
More information will be available soon. In the meantime, if you wish to express your interest, please use the contact form