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Forever grateful to you

We contacted June in a state of panic really, after realising that we’d fallen for a scam from Aegis Direct SL. Claiming that they could reclaim All of the maintenance money that we’d ever paid going back to 2003! But, they wanted money upfront to:
A – release us from ownership.
B – claim compensation.

Stupidly we parted with £600 as part payment of £6k!! (They’re very convincing). We contacted June the next morning after a sleepless night. Feeling very stupid. June was absolutely top class! So very reassuring, calm and collected. She then proceeded to talk me through the, “Do’s & Don’ts” and not to worry. (not easy when you’re panicking) but, she was absolutely spot on. Not only did June guide us through this mess but , surprisingly, we actually got our money back!! Forever grateful to you

(Reviewed February 2021)

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