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Timeshare Assistance launched to help owners after closure of award-winning free assistance resources

At the end of 2023, the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) informed KwikChex that it would no longer fund the free services that KwikChex has provided to timeshare owners for 10 years.

These resources, including the Timeshare Task Force, and Timeshare Business Check websites, have been a lifeline for many thousands of timeshare owners for over 10 years. They have enabled owners to access exceptional help, resolve countless problems, to avoid scams, and to reclaim monies lost to fraud and misrepresentation, and access the truth about vital elements such as timeshare exits and claims. The importance of these services has been emphasised time and time again in news articles, and by consumer protection agencies – and was reflected in the ‘Hero Award’ presented to KwikChex and CEO Chris Emmins in 2019 by the UK Trading Standards community – see link

The decision by RDO to cease funding was explained as there no longer being any money available to provide such a safeguarding service to timeshare owners, following severe difficulties over the last few years for European timeshare businesses, who fund RDO. These included substantial claims against timeshare companies being made in Spain and the UK, the insolvencies of multiple companies linked to RDO members, and the closing of timeshare sales teams across Europe. Regrettably, another factor was the objections of RDO to KwikChex visibly working with lawyers to provide information on the viability of claims. KwikChex has always reached out to expert legal advisors to assist timeshare owners, but RDO considered a higher profile cooperation as unacceptable.

Whilst the very comprehensive free assistance services for owners have had to be suspended. KwikChex will be using Timeshare Assistance to provide vital information to owners working in conjunction with lawyers, law enforcement, consumer protection agencies and other appropriate organisations.

Further assistance will be made available via the newly formed International Timeshare Owners Association (ITOA) – see link

And where there are substantial concerns regarding harm to large numbers of owners, KwikChex will continue to provide help in the form of ‘Action Groups’, such as in the case of Global Great Hotels owners – see information on this link